Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation

As a major new initiative, the Mansueto Institute will bring together relevant programs in the social, natural, and computational sciences, along with the humanities, to develop an understanding of the fundamental processes that drive, shape, and sustain cities.

Building Interdisciplinary Urban Scholarship

The Institute will take a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to address the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly urbanized society by:

  • Recruiting a world-class urban scholar and leader to direct the Institute
  • Granting competitive seed funding for urban research projects

An Intellectual Destination

The Institute will be a central place where scholars, students, policymakers, practitioners, and visitors come together. The Institute will serve as both a physical and virtual destination by establishing:

  • Conferences, convenings, and other activities on campus
  • A virtual “library” of integrated urban data and the analytic tools needed to understand and compare urban areas worldwide

Training the Next Generation

The Institute will serve as a talent pipeline—helping to meet the demand for leaders trained with the tools needed to tackle complex urban questions by:

  • Working with schools and divisions to develop undergraduate curricula in urban science and practice
  • Creating internships and programs that prepare students at every level for leadership in urban life
  • Expanding support for graduate students and postdocs with urban interests

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